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Thursday, July 22nd, 2010
9:31 pm
Anyone home?

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Friday, October 3rd, 2008
3:37 pm
Sunday, July 13th, 2008
5:31 pm
5:26 pm
I saw Natalie Grant perform over the weekend, and I've played "Held" over and over since hearing her sing it. 

I especially love this portion of the song especially now as I am letting go of some bitterness and seeking to forgive --

This hand is bitterness
We want to taste it and
Let the hatred numb our sorrows
The wise hand opens slowly
To lilies of the valley and tomorrow
This is what it means to be held
How it feels, when the sacred is torn from your life
And you survive
This is what it is to be loved and to know
That the promise was that when everything fell
We'd be held....

I'm posting another entry with the video.  I hope it touches you like it does me.
Thursday, May 29th, 2008
5:38 pm
Intro! :-)
Hello! I'm Bri, I'm 20 with 3 kids. I currently reside in Upsate, SC. Relationship status is undisclosed. ;) I recently found God and Jesus Christ, just 2 1/2 weeks ago. I was so excited when I first found Him, I still am. But the past week and a half I've been lacking on prayers and bible study, even though the first week I was praying almost all the time and engrossed in bible study or biblical thought almost all the time. I'm hoping to get back to that, since I feel very disconnected and it's making me feel sort of sad and I really want to reconnect to Him!!! Anyways, about my story and how I came to know God and Christ. This is pretty much copied and pasted from where I posted about it in my personal journal, with a few edits here and there.

The exact date I made the first step into becoming a Christian: May 10th, 2008. I went to a play held by a local church. There's details on what happened in the post. :) The day I became fully Christian: May 12, 2008. That's the day I'm speaking about most in this entry.

A little background: Before finding Him, I was Pagan. So that's why I mention Paganism in the post. Hope it doesn't bother anybody. :)

So, starting about a month ago, I've been on the fence about whether or not to become Christian once again, or to stay Pagan. I started thinking, "You know what, I say 'God' and 'Lord' a lot, and even say Thank God a lot, and such. Maybe I'm supposed to be Christian?" I talked about it with lizziey and she said something like "Well, what does your HEART say?" it's taken me a while to really find out what my heart said, and well now I know.

At the end of the play Saturday night, May 10th, a woman that's on the Church Staff came up and talked about the play, and did 3 prayers. Well, you were to pray with whichever prayer applied to you. I prayed with the one that was for those that aren't Christians but want to be, and made my first step in becoming Christian again. Yesterday morning, I talked to Lizziey more about it. I also prayed the Sinners' Prayer by myself. Me and Lizziey talked for a bit about things I should do, or try to do at least in order to be a good Christian. I'll never be as good a Christian as Lizziey, no matter how hard I try, regardless I will be as good a Christian as possible for me. While talking to Lizziey, I typed in all caps "I DONT KNOW HOW TO PRAY RIGHT!!!" and then I instantly started crying, and repeatedly saying "Please God, help me..." and then just started rambling to God, asking Him for help in various things I needed help with. I was just bawling and rambling, and bawling, and rambling. I didn't stop crying even after ending the prayer, I didn't stop for at least an hour or so. When I mentioned to Lizziey that I immediately started crying and begging for help, she was just like "Learned how to pray did ya?" lol yeah, I did. Ever since then, it seems like I immediately became really religious, and like I immediately became as good a Christian as I could be.

Since yesterday, May 12, it seems to me that I'm almost always praying. Every time I turn around I'm praying for something. I haven't said GD (even though that used to be a word I used often), except for about 30 minutes ago I accidentally blurted it out. I didn't mean to, it just came out. I instantly prayed and apologized and asked for forgiveness. It's a strange feeling, having become Christian after so long being Pagan. But, you know what? I'm happier than I've been in a long time. I have a sense of peace now, knowing that I have somebody that even when I can't trust anybody else, even when I don't have anybody else to turn to, I can always turn to Him. He'll always be there for me, even in times when nobody else will be. I find a lot of peace and solace in that, and I'm glad I made the decision to become Christian again.

I have a lot of joy in finding the Lord, and in finding Christ. Joy in finding a friend for life, in finding somebody that will never leave my side. If for whatever reason I stray from the path, He will still be there to welcome me back into His arms whenever I'm ready to return. I'm happy in that I found Him, and in that I know that His love is the ultimate love and He will always love me and be there. I am extremely happy about my choice, and I don't think I could ever be happier with a religion! I LOVE God and Christ, and I love what they did for us and I'm extremely grateful to them and will be eternally so!!!

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Thursday, May 15th, 2008
6:14 pm
New Christian Community
Hello! Me and my friend drewp1311 just made a new Christian community for Christians in Upstate SC, and Western NC to discuss our faith in Christ! The community is upstscchristian. Please, feel free to join and post!! And welcome!!

Owner of upstscchristian

PS--I didn't see anything about promotion in the rules, so if this isn't allowed feel free to delete. I just wanted to get the word out about a new Christian community. I'll make an intro post here somewhat soon. :)
Wednesday, May 14th, 2008
11:45 am
     Hello everyone!  I have been looking for some nice Christian communities to find some new friends who have strong faith in the Lord.  I hope it's okay that I joined here, I am pretty quiet but am looking forward to speaking out more once I get familiar with people.  :) 
Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008
2:43 pm
I'll Start!

Hi everyone -- I look forward to meeting all of you and to the conversations that develop!

About me...I'm 44, I live in the DC area, have worked for the government for over 18 years (yikes!), and am married with two cats, no kids.

I grew up Southern Baptist with a lot of legalistic views.  The "rule keeping" was exhausting so by my late teens I took a break from the church that lasted through my mid-20s.  All this time, though, there was something that was missing, so I slowly started seeking God again and am still on that quest all these years later to know him better.  I gave up rule keeping but I still struggle with striving, but that becomes less and less of an issue as I come to understand God's love for me.

My faith permeates every aspect of my life, and the person of Jesus Christ makes himself very real to me by speaking to my heart -- through scripture, through others, and through my circumstances.

11:35 am
I haven't done much with this community. I was hoping it would be a cool place for us to chat. You all know me but not each other, so maybe a good start would be to post intros...
Monday, December 31st, 2007
1:06 am
Welcome to club_christian!

I am the maintainer of this community...feel free to add me as well. I am not what people might conceive as a conventional Christian...my journal contains some language and flirts with adult themes (PG-13).

I would love to meet like=minded individuals...check out my profile and add me if you think we will mesh.
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