scampigirl (scampigirl) wrote in club_christian,

I'll Start!

Hi everyone -- I look forward to meeting all of you and to the conversations that develop!

About me...I'm 44, I live in the DC area, have worked for the government for over 18 years (yikes!), and am married with two cats, no kids.

I grew up Southern Baptist with a lot of legalistic views.  The "rule keeping" was exhausting so by my late teens I took a break from the church that lasted through my mid-20s.  All this time, though, there was something that was missing, so I slowly started seeking God again and am still on that quest all these years later to know him better.  I gave up rule keeping but I still struggle with striving, but that becomes less and less of an issue as I come to understand God's love for me.

My faith permeates every aspect of my life, and the person of Jesus Christ makes himself very real to me by speaking to my heart -- through scripture, through others, and through my circumstances.

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